How often have you heard the cry: “We’re never told what’s going on!” This mind-set among staff, whether it is justified or not, is one of the commonest complaints and can stand in the way of achieving benchmarks, such as Investors in People. One of the simplest ways of dealing with this challenge is by setting up communications strategies and training of key personnel on how to produce staff newsletters, staff e-mails or intranet bulletins. Training with half a dozen secretaries, administrators or line managers and producing a customised template is all that is needed to banish the cry forever.

Providing a “How to deal with the Media” service to companies. Dealing with the media can be one of the most challenging aspects of running any business or public service these days. How can key staff acquire the skills necessary to avoid pitfalls and put your organisation in the best possible light? Lakes & Bay Communications will provide just the training necessary, with cribsheets, presentations and simulated interviews/press conferences etc.

How would your company deal, for example, with large-scale expansion plans; or redundancies; or a factory or office fire; proposed new product developments; or an employee accused of offences in high profile court cases?

This would be an essential element in any company contingency plan, disaster recovery plan or business continuity document.

Rates will depend on time to complete tasks and resources of the client.

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