Planning publicity campaigns, with advice on timing of announcements, what to say, when to say it, to whom to say it to get maximum coverage in all media.

This can apply to good news, such as: Product developments; property development; business expansion; prizes; job creation; events; and sponsorships.
It can also apply to bad news such as: closures; cut-backs; lay-offs; embarrassing court cases (for companies or staff).

One obvious device would be Media Releases. Among the services, which would be provided, are advice on design, timing, presentation and content. But the biggest USP would be the knowledge of how the media and news desks work and how to gear press releases to suit their needs as the end-user, like a prominent paragraph on why they and their readers/viewers/listeners should care!

In addition a more long-term attempt to change opinions by lobbying or campaigning is a service provided by Lakes & Bay Communications.

The principal can get involved with management strategic planning on major developments of all kinds to lay the ground for:

• Fund-raising
• Overcoming planning objections
• Persuading neighbours or others in the community of benefits
• Political lobbying
• Influencing decision-makers

All these services can be provided on or off-site, although it is recommended that meetings are held face to face with key managers to decide aims and execution.

Rates will depend on time to complete tasks, the resources of the client and will be negotiated case by case.

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