The following advice can be developed for individuals or groups and fine-tuned to meet the
desires of the client, but these are some of the subjects:

Media Relations
If you ever have to deal with the media on a local, national or international level, or perhaps you want to use the media for your own benefit, then this is an ideal way to learn, or brush up on, the skills required.

Managing Media Campaigns
Working with the media is an effective way to influence attitudes and opinions about your
project or product. Training can be customised to help you develop and manage a media relations campaign to reach your target audience. This is ideal if you or your colleagues have a campaign to run or a new product to launch and you would like to harness the media to full effect.

Writing Media Releases
A media release is one of the best techniques for publicising an event or calling attention to an issue. If you want to know how to produce a well-written, well-distributed and well-timed press release, which is effective and useful, then this training is for you.

Emergency Planning & Call Handling
If your organisation needs people trained to effectively respond when the media and the public contact you in cases of emergency, then training can be customised for you. If you or any of your colleagues ever have to deal with calls in a crisis, then this workshop is a cost effective and practical way to learn or revise the skills required.

Media Strategies
This training provides some practical guidelines on how to develop a media strategy. One of the most effective ways of reaching your target audiences, influencing policy and practice and changing public opinion is to make use of the media. This programme is designed to help individuals and organisations develop strategies to get the media working for them and with them.

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